Our Menu

We provide fresh, nutritious and age-appropriate meals made onsite daily. Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea are all inclusive in your child’s daily fees.

Our Weekly Menu varies week to week to encourage children to eat a wide variety of foods and to explore different tastes and textures. Our meals are prepared onsite under the care of one of our accredited Food Safety Supervisors.

The menu has been developed using the Australian Dietary Guidelines and is continually reviewed based on feedback from children, families, staff and latest in health guidelines.

We accommodate dietary requirements whether they be allergy related, food intolerances, or for religious or culture reasons. We will seek your feedback on your child’s favourite healthy foods during enrolment and regularly through face to face discussions.

Please find below an example of one of our Weekly Menus. Servings are based on Australian Dietary Guidelines. We also use other services such as Woolworths Meal Planners, Coles Recipe Suggestions, etc.

If you would like to access a copy of the Australian Dietary Guidelines, you can access a copy here.

If you would like to plan your week ahead with the Woolworths Meal Planner, you can access it here.

We welcome any input children, families or the community have in relation to healthy eating and meal planning.

Example Menu